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Month: March 2016

Designing a Craft Space

Designing a Craft Space

I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous whenever I saw photos of dreamy looking craft spaces in magazines or on Pinterest.  My crafting materials where located all throughout my house, some in the upstairs closet, others in the downstairs cabinet, a few stuffed in with my daughter’s craft containers.  I just kept thinking, someday I’ll actually get it all together and create one dedicated spot for all of my crafting supplies to live together in complete craft harmony.  Well, I’m happy to say that the day finally arrived!

After making some room in our garage, I went to work finding the perfect desk/table for my work space. Luckily, I was able to find exactly what I had in mind at Ikea, including the rug and table lamp. The great thing about this table, is that it raises and lowers easily depending on what kind of project I’m working on!

Craft Space

For the walls, I used peg boards from Home Depot and spray painted them a sea foam green before hanging them alongside the chalkboard.  I also purchased a variety of peg board accessories to hang all of my different art supplies.  I can’t explain how happy I am now that I can see all of my tools in one location, no more hunting through closets!

craft space peg board

 Right now I keep all of my paper materials in plastic storage bins on a nearby shelf, but i eventually plan to purchase a craft storage cabinet.  There is one in particular from the Martha Stewart Collection that I’ve had my eye on for a while.  Unfortunately, I must not be the only one looking at this cabinet because it’s currently not available for several months, but I can wait!

Another item worth mentioning, is my Cricut Explore Air.  At first I found this machine a little intimidating, but now that I’ve practiced with it using the trial and error method (more error than trial), I can’t imagine not having one.

Cricut Explorer

Here is a list of some of the other items that you’ll find in my craft space:

large paper cutter

self healing cutting mat

glue gun

embossing gun

Modge Podge

ribbon & twine

a variety of pens including gold metallic



washi tape

hole punches in a variety of shapes/sizes

glitter and more glitter

Paper Flower Garland fit for a Garden Party

Paper Flower Garland fit for a Garden Party

When my nearly 5 year old daughter Brynn decided she wanted an outdoor garden party for her birthday, I was thrilled!  This theme allows for so many beautiful design options so my mind immediately started racing with ideas.  One of the first things that came to mind, was this gorgeous paper flower garland I had seen in a magazine, and I knew that I had to figure out how to make one of my own!

The only way “I” could cut out enough paper flowers to make a whole garland was to use my Cricut machine.  I started trying out several of the different flower options available through Cricut and finally decided on this pattern.

Cricut flower template

When I went to the craft store looking for paper to use in my project, I fell in love with a beautiful flower pattern that went with my garden party idea. So I decided to create a color palette based on that print.  I love the idea of matching but not matching paper choices, if that makes sense.  For instance, I mix polka dot patterns in with my floral and stripe patterns.  Here are some of the different papers I chose.

paper flower garland cut outs
Use a variety of colors and patterns

Once you’ve cut out your flowers, now comes the tricky part, rolling and gluing your flowers together.  This part took a lot of trial and error for me, the first time I rolled my flowers, I began on the wrong side and I couldn’t figure out why they looked so strange!  I quickly figured out that you need to start from the outermost circle and roll into the center, and the little circle in the middle is actually the base that you use to glue it all together.  I also found it handy to use the tip of some small scissors to begin the rolling process.

paper flowers
Flowers that have been rolled and glued together.

My garland is about 16′ long using 55 flowers and spaced about 2.5″ apart.  I attached them to some gardening string that I found at Target, but jute twine or hemp twine should work well too.  In order to attach the flowers to the string, I put glue just along the inside of the outermost flower petals and pushed the sting down into the petals.

Paper flower garland
Attach the flowers to your string.


Check back soon to see how this garland looks at my daughter’s garden party!

Welcome to Just Add Flair!

Welcome to Just Add Flair!

Hello and welcome to Just Add Flair! I am excited to finally start my own blog where I can share party and craft ideas often inspired by my two girls.  After becoming a mom for the first time in 2008, life has change a LOT and most definitely for the better! I finally have a great excuse to plan and design the most fun and whimsical parties for kids an grown ups or decorate my house for each holiday (especially Christmas and Halloween)!  We definitely have a love for all things holiday, and birthdays certainly count as holidays around my house!

I chose the name Just Add Flair because the definition of flair is ‘stylishness and originality’, which is what I try to bring to each of my projects. I love adding the unique details that really make each moment memorable whether it’s for a party or just crafting with my daughters.  In fact, I have even created my own “Craft Cave” to sneak away too (though often times my girls follow me)!   Here is where all the magic happens…


Right now, I am working to complete a paper flower garland in time for my youngest daughter’s 5th birthday party!  Here is a sneak peak of the garland, which I will elaborate on more in a future blog!

Paper Flower Garland
Paper Flower Garland

Thanks for checking in, let’s get started!