A Garden Party Birthday

A Garden Party Birthday

This past weekend, we celebrated my daughter Brynn’s 5th birthday! Which also means that my next blog post will be something like “Oh my, how is possible that my baby is 5!” In the meantime, let me tell you about her party….

When Brynn and I were first discussing what she would like to do for her party, way back in December, she said that she wanted animals……again.  This would be the 3rd time Brynn has had animals at her birthday, the girl just LOVES animals. Luckily so do I!  Since we had already done a barnyard theme, as well as a county fair party, we decided to call this one a garden party with animals.

Right away I envisioned a beautiful canopy of colorful paper lanterns and streamers floating over the backyard.  My husband was a little bit less excited about this idea, seeing as how this project would ultimately become his job on the morning of the party. But in the end, he was a good sport about it and made it look fabulous!

Paper lanterns at garden party

I also found inspiration from a new party collection called Liberty Betsy by Meri Meri, definitely one of my most favorite party splurges. I ordered the large plates, the tiny Canape’ plates for cupcakes, small napkins, crowns and gift bags in this design.


For invitations, I will often look to Etsy because they have such a variety of styles and they can be personalized and printed out right at home. I know most people use Evite these days, however, I still love the idea of sending invitations in the mail because I believe that they really set the mood of the party. For Brynn’s party, I chose a beautiful watercolor floral card with a bunny, and I think it represented our theme quite well!

As for food, I knew immediately that we had to have tiny sandwiches, any proper garden party would.  I decided on 3 different kinds, turkey/cheese, egg salad and cream cheese/strawberry jelly.  I cut them out in different shapes and created a key card showing which sandwich went with which shape.  I also made some lovely flower shaped fruit skewers using green grapes and watermelon, these were a huge hit with the kids. How could you not want to eat your fruit when it comes on a skewer?!  I also did berry cups, cheddar bunnies, edamame, a veggie tray, cheese/crackers and of course cupcakes!






As for the animals, we really lucked out.  I was able to find the most wonderful owner of a small animal farm including a pony located in my area. She showed up with some of the most adorable animals I’ve ever seen, and when all the chickens sat on the donkey, I knew we were off to a great start!


The birthday girl herself riding a sparkly pony in pink cowgirl boots!

Something else you will always see at my parties is a craft table. I love to have kids make a craft that goes along with whatever theme we have selected. For this party, I decided to have the kids decorate flower pots by covering them with tissue paper cut outs using Modge Podge. This is a fun and fairly easy project to complete. I have to say, in the end, I think more of the moms at my party ended up making flower pots than kids did!


All in all I would say that this was a successful party. We started the party at 11am which made the set up time very early and a little hard on the set up crew (a.k.a. mom and dad) but we made it work. I should also mention that we hired a fabulous face painter which I highly recommend at any kids party if possible. I even got my face painted, because why not!?

Thanks for checking out my latest blog post, let me know if you have any questions in the comment section and i’d be happy to answer them!




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