My kid wants a book nook!

My kid wants a book nook!

Do you remember that post I did a few weeks ago, the one showing off my “Craft Cave”?  Well since then, my 7 year old decided that if I get this great crafting spot, then she should get to put together a fabulous reading space all to herself!  Clearly it was hard for me to say no, I mean the girl just wants a nice place to read!

So anyone who lives in an urban area knows, that most of us live in small houses, therefore, finding a spot for this book nook was a challenge all to itself!  It would require a great deal of purging and creative rearranging on my part to even find the space for it.   When all was said and done, we were able to carve out a small area to make this reading spot a reality.

As far as design, my daughter’s main requirement was that it have a blue wall, seeing as how blue is her favorite color.  So we took a trip over to Home Depot to look through color swatches where we decide to take two samples home to try out.


She ended up deciding on the darker option, which I surprisingly loved more than I thought I would!

IMG_3419 (1)

After getting the wall painted I headed to Target, the place where spending money comes way too easy for me!  This is where I found the white shearling papasan, dark blue bean bag, hanging book rack, dog lamp(dogs are her favorite animal), white rug, the adorable sign that reads “This is my happy place”, and last but not least, that fancy throw pillow!  I found the little table at Ross and the book nook letters I ordered from Attic Journals.  They make all sorts or cool things from used books, which I happen to think is an absolutely wonderful idea!





Well, there you have it, we now have a book nook in our house. Let’s just hope it actually inspires more reading! Thanks for stopping by!




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