Make your own Succulent Wreath

Make your own Succulent Wreath

While discussing end of the year teacher gifts with several parents from my daughter’s preschool, I decided that we needed to do something extra special. Especially because this is my last year there as a parent (excuse me while I grab a tissue over that thought).

I set out to find something that was unique, and of course handmade! I started looking at succulent projects and became completely intrigued by living succulent wreaths….so I studied up on how to make one. Turns out it’s completely do-able even for beginners!

This first thing I had to track down was a sphagnum moss wreath, which I ended up finding on Amazon after visiting several local nurseries with no luck.  I decided to start with a 13″ wreath but there are a variety of sizes to choose from.  It is also recommended that you purchase a rooting hormone powder to help encourage new root growth for your succulent cuttings.

Next was the fun part!  I visited several nurseries in order to find a good variety of succulents in different shapes, colors, and sizes. I can’t really say that I stuck to one color pallet, or had any specific technique other than I like to start out with one larger “signature” succulent and build off of that one.  From what I also read, it is best to prep your cuttings and let them sit for a few days to callous over, this helps prevent rotting at the root when you place it into the moss.  Right before you start putting together your wreath, it is important to soak it in water for 10-15 minutes.  I placed mine in our kitchen sink then put it onto a cookie sheet to use as my work station.  Once you are ready to start placing your cuttings into the wreath, I found using a pencil to create the hole worked best for me.




New roots take approximately 4-6 weeks to grow. Therefore, unless you used floral pins to attach your cuttings, the wreath should not be hung until new roots have been established.  I currently have these two beauties below sitting on my outdoor dining table and I have to say, they also make beautiful table centerpieces! As far as future waterings are concerned, I have read that you can soak the moss again every 1-2 weeks, or you can use a spray bottle to water.


Succulent wreaths are beautiful…because succulents themselves are just fabulous.  So don’t be afraid to try creating your own, there really is no such thing as a bad succulent wreath!  Have fun designing your own, and soon you’ll be just as addicted as me!

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