Transforming an Old Wood Pallet into a Rustic Flower Garden

Transforming an Old Wood Pallet into a Rustic Flower Garden

I have been wanting to try my hand at upcycling with reclaimed wood for quite some time.  I am still such a sucker for the rustic wood look, then you mix that with beautiful flowers and succulents, I’m in rustic heaven!

Luckily, my mom so happens to have an old barn with plenty of wood pallets looking for a new purpose in life. I should also mention here, that I’ve read several articles about how dangerous it can be to use wood pallets for repurposing due to possible chemical exposure. And like the one I used from my mom, they can be dirty from years of being used in a barn.  For this reason, I chose to create something that would live outside and I purposely did not plant any edibles on it.  Ok, now that all of the not so fun facts have been covered, back to the project!

Here is the lovely pallet I reclaimed from the barn, gross right!? If you don’t happen to have a barn nearby, I have heard that sometimes your local grocery stores are willing to give them away. It’s definitely worth a try, and far less dirty than barn pallets!



I read a great article on the blog Not Just a Housewife about how to clean and sanitize reclaimed wood.  Because I’m not planning to have my pallet inside, I didn’t feel the need to follow her instructions completely, but I did scrub this pallet using soapy water.  Once it was dry, I used sandpaper to clean it and prep it for staining.  The way I achieved my final look was though a mixture of staining and watered down paint.


I used dark walnut colored Minwax and a foam brush to stain the wood. After about 5 minutes, I wiped off the excess stain using an old cloth towel and began adding the watered down light gray paint.


I used a mixture of 1 part gray latex paint to 3 parts water.  Basically I brushed the watery paint onto about 2 boards at a time, then I used a damp cloth to blend it into the wood.  Once it was dry, I had my husband attach boards to create the bottom of my planters and drill holes for drainage. IMG_3619

Now time to plant!


Of course I had to do a row of succulents as well as some cascading flowers that I hope will fill in nicely over time.  There you have it, from barnyard junk to backyard beauty!


Thanks for stopping by, let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below!



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