Welcome to Just Add Flair!

Welcome to Just Add Flair!

Hello and welcome to Just Add Flair! I am excited to finally start my own blog where I can share party and craft ideas often inspired by my two girls.  After becoming a mom for the first time in 2008, life has change a LOT and most definitely for the better! I finally have a great excuse to plan and design the most fun and whimsical parties for kids an grown ups or decorate my house for each holiday (especially Christmas and Halloween)!  We definitely have a love for all things holiday, and birthdays certainly count as holidays around my house!

I chose the name Just Add Flair because the definition of flair is ‘stylishness and originality’, which is what I try to bring to each of my projects. I love adding the unique details that really make each moment memorable whether it’s for a party or just crafting with my daughters.  In fact, I have even created my own “Craft Cave” to sneak away too (though often times my girls follow me)!   Here is where all the magic happens…


Right now, I am working to complete a paper flower garland in time for my youngest daughter’s 5th birthday party!  Here is a sneak peak of the garland, which I will elaborate on more in a future blog!

Paper Flower Garland
Paper Flower Garland

Thanks for checking in, let’s get started!


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