You know, a Surprise Party!

You know, a Surprise Party!

My youngest daughter informed me a few weeks ago that she would like a “Surprise” party for her birthday this year. I had to explain to her that usually one does not ask for a surprise party. To which she explained that she wanted a party where she didn’t know what activities we would be doing and that she would need to solve clues to figure it out. Oh yes, one of those surprise parties!

I decided on a few activities that I thought she and her friends might enjoy. Then I went to my #1 site for custom invitations to find a design that could work for this “Mystery Surprise Party”, as we were calling it now. I was shocked to find nothing, in fact, I’ve never had this happen with Etsy. I then realized that I would just need to create my own design…. and teach myself how to use Illustrator at the same time. No problems with this plan, right?! Well, after weeks of trial and error, I came up with an invitation as well as a poster for my clues that I thought could work.

Brynn’s “Mystery Surprise Party” Invitation complete with three clues about the party for her guests! Of course I had to tell the parents what was going on, but they are better at keeping secrets.

Once the invitations were out, it was time make some clues for my poster. After each activity, the kids would open a clue to see where the party was headed next!

Tiny envelops with colorful clues inside tell where the party is going next!
Tiny envelopes with handwritten clues.

I attached all the envelopes with clues to the poster I had designed to go along with the theme. I liked the idea of using a game board as the backdrop becasue my kids love games and it keeps the eye on the prize, getting across that finish line. Or as I like to call it, party pickup time!

The kids had a blast trying to figure out where we were going next! This party theme is great if your kiddo has no idea what they want to do or they just love the idea of a surprise party!

If you are interested in having a party like this, have no fear, I’ve already designed the invitations and party poster for you! Both are available at my new Etsy store, Sterling Street Studios. Thanks for reading and I would love to hear how things went if you end up throwing a “Mystery Surprise Party”!




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